You should always aim to keep your dog’s claws short and trim. If they get too long, there is a risk that your dog can catch them somewhere, causing an injury and pain. If your dog’s nails are clicking on the floor, it is time to give them some attention! There are two main options; nail clipping and a nail grind. The question is, what is the difference?

First, let’s look at nail clippers for dogs.

They allow you to clip your dog’s nails to an appropriate length. They look a bit like a pair of pliers, but with one curved blade, which allows you to get a neat result from clipping. There are also guillotine clippers with a hole at the end to insert your dog’s nails in a similar way to a real guillotine. They also give a nicely trimmed effect on the nails.

Guillotine clippers are generally better suited for bigger dogs with hard thicker nails. Dog nail grinders are somewhat different.

They work by grinding down your dog’s nails to an acceptable level. There is a little tool similar to a Dremel that has a grinding tip on the end. You simply turn it in and start bringing your dog’s nails. It is quite a simple process.

As for which is better? It is a matter of personal preference. If this turns into an unpleasant experience for you or your dog, you can also ask your local vet to do this for you.